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The services in which we are at home

Renting, selling or purchasing a house. Providing a valuation of your home. Preparing your home for sale. Sharing our knowledge of the property market. We go to great lengths to provide a personal service. We offer our clients a broad range of services so that we can help them with their home project from A to Z. And we do this with enormous drive.
We are pleased to share our passion and knowledge in these areas:


Houses, apartments, land and investment properties


Houses and apartments

Personalised service

It is important to us to fully understand our clients’ wishes. That’s why personal contact is so important to us. This enables us to find a buyer or your dream home with optimal efficiency.


Looking for a valuation of your home? We’d be pleased to arrange this for you. Our expertise will result in a precise valuation of your home.

Administrative support

Our administrative team is on hand to support our clients. We ask for the necessary certificates prior to the sale, and create a detailed sales dossier so that everything is easily settled with the notary.

Guided viewings

Our agent is on hand for every viewing and will always give a professional, individual tour. After each viewing, we give the seller feedback so that he/she is very closely involved in the sales process. When buyers express an interest, we take care of the subsequent negotiations.


We spare neither trouble nor expense to put your home in the spotlight. We work to ensure that your project has an optimal chance of success.

Be the first to know

Be the first to know about our new properties. Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll make sure that you find your dream home in no time

Utilising our experience

Our experience in the region and the fact that we live in the region ourselves means that we know it better than anyone, so we are a good guarantee of the sale of, or search for, your home.

Preparing your home for sale

We always try to get the maximum out of you home. That means that we also advise you on how you can prepare your home for sale. After all, potential buyers can sometimes be distracted by personal decoration and colours in a property and thus lose sight of its possibilities. In this case we advise home staging.

Sharing knowledge

Do you have any questions about new regulations? Would you like more insight into how the property market works? We are pleased to act as a knowledge centre for the regional property market. So feel free to ask questions. We will be delighted to share our expertise.

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